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MPSCSC is the main agency for Foodgrains Procurement and the Public Distribution System. It procures and moves about 1.5 millions tonnes annually of wheat, rice, coarsegrains and sugar right up to the remotest parts of Madhya Pradesh through an efficient distribution network. It thus has a sound instituitional interface with farmers' cooperatives, Mandies (APMCs), Foodgrain Trading Agencies and the more than 24,000 (retail) Fair Price Shops spread out all over M.P.


       Under this scheme Wheat and Rice are lifted from F.C.I Base Depots as per allotment, and transported to 185 issue Centres of MPSCSC for storage, from where it is subsequently sold to lead/link societies, on the basis of Delivery Order. In most tribal areas the food grains are transported through self owned mobile vehicles. Sugar is received from Sugar Factories of Maharashtra/ U.P. by rail/ road and istransported

  to Issue Centres and dependent districts.


Under the Price Support Scheme (P.S.S.) procurement of Paddy and Wheat is undertaken by the MPSCSC. Paddy is procured from farmers by societies/corporation and sent for storage as required for milling to private millers. The millers deposit rice at FCI. MPSCSC pays cost of paddy, bonus and incidentals to societies for procurement, milling charges to millers, transportation charges for transportation of paddy and rice; the corporation provides gunny bags. Under decentralized procurement , at around 35 districts, wheat is procured through societies as an agent of FCI. MPSCSC pays cost of wheat, bonus and incidentals to societies for procurement, transportation charges for transportation of wheat; the corporation provides gunny bags.


Pulses (lentils), Soyabean and other agricultural produce is also procured by MPSCSC from time to time. The MPSCSC is involved in commercial procurement and sale of (SKO) kerosene (under the Parallel Marketing Scheme).


MPSCSC has acquired useful experience in bulk handling, storage and transportation contracting. It also owns a fleet of 58 trucks which are deployed for maintaining food security in tribal areas


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